The Official Clacton

Mens Darts League

The Official Clacton Mens League Dart Rules


1.          The league to be known as the Official Clacton Mens Dart league.


2.          Entrance fees, which includes cup competitions and the first 10 players in each team is £50 is to be paid to the Treasurer 14 days before the A.G.M.


3.          Players to register 7 days before first match.  No player may register for more than one team. After the first league game of the season, a player may sign on by registering with the Treasurer or Secretary by 6pm on the Sunday before the Monday night game, but a player is only registered when the form and £2.50 registration fee is with the  Treasurer or the Secretary.


4.          New players may sign on for a team during the season, but will not be eligible to play in any cup game where the second round has been played prior to signing on.  Registered players may transfer once up until the 31st December of that season.  Transfer forms can be obtained from the Secretary.  The Secretaries of both teams must sign the form.  This form must be given back to the Treasurer or Secretary together with £1 transfer fee, then seven clear days must pass before play.  If you transfer you cannot play in any cup that you have played in for your old club.  No ladies to play league or league competitions.In addition the signing of a new player on the night for all divisions,if team is short, no player may sign on for two teams during current season. Signing on fee of £2.50 to be paid by the Thursday with result sheet.


5.          Games to be:

A Division ~ 4 Doubles, best of 3 legs (501) ~ 8 Singles, best of 3 legs (501)

B Division ~ 4 Doubles, best of 3 legs (501) ~ 8 Singles, best of 3 legs (501)

C Division ~ 4 Doubles, best of 3 legs (401) ~ 8 Singles, best of 3 legs (401)

All games straight start, finish on double.  If deciding leg is necessary, player starting first leg also starts third leg.  Home teams to start, then alternative games.

Three (3) points for match win, one (1) point for a drawer.  All names go into hat are and drawn out by opposing captains, for singles.  Captains may pair up own doubles (Accept in certain cup matches) Then to be drawn as singles format.  If a team plays short, the opposing team to select their corresponding number of players.


6.          All players to be at venue before draw, if player/players not at venue they do not get entered in to Draw.  Draw to be completed so that play commences at 8.30pm START.  No player to be substituted after draw has been made.  “Open Board” for practice by both teams from 8pm.  No Game to wait, any players not present when name is called he forfeits the game.


7.          Height of board 5ft 8ins from the bull to the floor, on a level plain oche.

Length of pitch 7ft 9¼ins (115½ins from the rear of oche).

Raised oche of 2ins. 

NO electronic scoreboards to be used.

Chalk/wipe boards to be used only.

Score made shown in left-hand column, score remaining in right-hand.

No Darts to be touched in the middle of a throw to check scores.  The thrower to remove darts from board.  Burst rule to count in all matches/competitions.


8.          All league fixtures to be played on dates shown in handbook.  No league matches to be postponed other than for very special reasons: i.e. Bad weather preventing travel or personal tragedy within a team.  Shortage of players is not an acceptable reason.   Any postponements that are acceptable under the above; are to be notified to the Secretary or Asst. Secretary beforehand.


9.          Any permitted postponed matches must be played within 28 days of the original date.  Team that cancels will be given three dates by the team who did not cancel, if not rule 19 takes effect.


10.      Any team cancelling less than 12 hours before a league or cup match will compensate the home team with £10 towards the refreshments where provided.


11.      All match results to be with the Secretary by 6pm Thursday of the match week.  Any results not received by then will not be recorded and regarded as void. The responsibility for reporting results by card (or by telephone when necessary) will be put on the winning captain or secretary.  In the case of a drawn game the home team captain or secretary will be responsible.


  12.   All players must sign result cards.  These cards should also show any “180’s” scored in singles and doubles as they count towards the trophy plus high finishes.


  13.   In the event of a team not fulfilling its fixtures, all records to be expunged from the league.  Any player from such team who wishes to continue playing may apply to the committee to sign for another team with no extra fees.  Each request to be treated on its merits.   Warning: Any such players could be cup-tied due to the move if approved.


14.   Any House Champion (Singles or Doubles) Secretary and captains who qualify to compete in these cups will, unless they notify the Secretary or Asst. Secretary 24 hours before the play-off that they are unable to attend, will be fined £10.  There will be a call for completing players at 8pm on the evening of the play-off with a draw being carried out from those present at 8pm.  No late entries will be accepted.  In the above competitions, including the charity competitions, the game will be started by a single toss of a coin.  The winning player will then throw first in the first and alternative legs.


15.   Any individual or pair winning through to the final on Finals Night, then finding hat they cannot attend will forfeit their position and the previous losing player/pairs will be put through to take their place.


16.  The A.G.M. will be held on or before 31st July.  Attendance at the A.G.M. is compulsory.  Failure to attend incurs a fine of £20.  Proposals for the A.G.M. must be in 28 days before the meeting in order to be heard at the meeting.  In all matters rising, only one vote per team.  A request is usually made for proposals to be submitted earlier than 28 days in order to circulate them for consideration by other teams prior to the meeting.


17.   All Executive officers to be voted in at an A.G.M. and will hold this position of office for a duration of two years/sponsorship period.  They will represent the CMDL in all negotiations and deal with any matters arising in the best interests of the league.  Sponsorship and major matters will be initially carried out by executive members, feeding back to full the full CMDL committee for deliberation.  Once decisions are made they will report back to the league members at AGM’s or EGM’s, for a final vote from short listed sponsors.


18.   All trophies to be cleaned and returned to  Secretary before Finals Night to allow time for engraving to be carried out, ready for presentation on the night. There is a £10 fine for failure to do so.


19.   Dates for cup/competitions are now drawn by the committee with designated venue, dates and competition format given along with league fixture details in league handbook.  Intention: to improve team chances within a level playing field.  This does not apply when re-arranging any permitted postponed games under Rule 8.  The team receiving dates shall give 72 hours acceptance of date.


20.   In all matters of dispute, the committee’s decision shall be final.  In cases where the committee is called in to decide in disputes over league match dates/competitions, the following will apply under this rule: The committee will set a date for the match play-off and will nominate a neutral venue.


21.   Any team that fails to attend an arranged, or scheduled, cup-tie game without informing their opponents at least 24 hours beforehand will be fined £10 and banned from that cup next season.


22.   New teams must apply to join the Official Clacton Mens Dart League 14 days prior to A.G.M. They must apply in writing to the league Secretary.  The secretary of any new team must be at the A.G.M. together with registration fee.


23.   Any league player, secretary, captain of team that gets fined must pay fine within 28 days or the fine is doubled.


24.   Any acts of violence, threatening or abuse behaviour by a registered member on a league darts night or function when the players of more than one team are present, shall be banned for such period as the committee see fit.  A second offence will entail a life ban.


25.   Any team registered with the Official Clacton Mens Dart League may, with good reason, apply to the committee for approval to change teams name and/or venue, without loss of their divisional status.  After due consultation the committees decision will be final.


26.   Any team having won a team trophy (a divisional or team trophy) must be represented at Finals/Presentation Night to collect such trophies.  Failure to attend will incur a fine of £20 and forfeiture of trophy/trophies.