The Official Clacton

Mens Darts League


Roll of Honour 2012 -2013

John Rowe Cup  (A Div.)         

Winners ~ Walkers                          Runners Up ~ Troubador

Tom Mead Trophy (B Div.)      

Winners ~ Warwick Arms                  Runners Up ~ The Club

Stan Berry Cup (C Div.)

Winners ~ Fusiliers                          Runners Up ~ Wizards

Fred Austin Cup                          

Winners ~ Muppets                             Runners Up ~ Elise

Super Cup

           Winners ~ Walkers                           Runners Up ~ Silver Dawn

Charlie Harrison Memorial Trophies:          

A Division                  Winners         ~ D.O.Neil (Walkers)

~ G.Payne(Muppets)                                   

           Runners Up    ~ J.Twigg (Coconuts)                                                                               

                                    ~ P.Smith Snr (Die Hards)

B Division                  Winners         ~ A.Hayes (Snooker Social)                                                                                                         

                                                           ~ K.Hinchcliff (Agates)                                             

Runners Up   ~ A.Bennett (Lifeboat)

~ P.Lynch (Warwick Arms)

C Division                  Winners         ~ J.Mortimer (Blacksmith Hammers)        

                                                                        ~ W.Eastlea (Blacksmith Hammers)

Runners Up   ~ G.Huckle (Village Inn)

                                                                        ~ C.Urquhart (Wizards)

Captains Cup                    

Winner ~ W.Eastlea (B/smith Hammers)                Runner Up ~ E.Holmes (North End)

Secretary Cup                  

Winner ~ C.Moody (Spanners)                               Runners Up ~ B.Root (Snooker Social)

Committee Cup    

 Winner ~ P.Derrick (Silver Dawn)                          Runners Up ~ M.Morris (Muppets)


Division A  ~           Winners         ~ Walkers                         Runners Up  ~ Muppets

Division B ~            Winners         ~ Blacksmith Arms           Runners Up  ~ Railway

Division C ~           Winners         ~ Fusiliers                         Runners Up  ~ B/smith Hammers


The Bobby Briggs “180” Trophy     

Winner ~   B.Margerison (Walton Tavern)  8

A Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ As Above

B Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ A.Bacon(B/smith Arms), M.Calloway(Railway),                  

                                                    M.Comber(Railway), C.Moody(Spanners)  3

C Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ D.Harrison (B/smith Hammers), A.Nash (B/smith Hammers,  

                                                   H.Copping (Oakmead), J.Kent (Fusiliers).  2


Highest Finish – One for each Division:

             Winner  ~ N.Groves (Walkers)  157

Division A Winner          ~ N.Groves (Walkers)                157  

Division B Winner          ~ A.Bennett (Lifeboat)               148

Division C Winner          ~ B.Burton (Plough)                  156


Stella Cup

            Division  A  Winners  ~ D.O.Neil (Walkers)

                Division B Winner       ~ A.Bacon (Blacksmith Arms)

                Division C Winner       ~ R.Everson (Plough)

Mens Doubles

Winners   ~        M.Howes & C.Topoloski

                Runners Up  ~   K.Russell & Al.Currivan (Seaspan)

Mens Singles            

Winner              ~ T.Viner (Silver Dawn)

            Runner Up         ~ G.Payne (Muppets)

Divisional Open Single Cups

            Division A         Winner               ~ N.Groves (Walkers)

                                    Runner Up         ~ C.Topoloski (Troubador)

            Division B         Winner               ~ B.Root (Snooker Social)

                                    Runner Up         ~ M.Bonney (Black Arrows)

            Division C         Winner              ~ P.Beck (Comrades Colne Rd)

                                    Runner Up         ~ K.Beck (Comrades Colne Rd)


Senior Citizen Trophy   ~ Winner        ~ K.Russell (Seaspan)

                                         Runner Up  ~ P.Robinson (Railway)

Sporting Trophies

          Division A         North End

            Division B         Spanners

            Division C         Kaz’s Bar

Arthur Fenn Trophy  

Winners            ~ North End

Dennis Johnson Memorial Trophy

            Winner  ~ Bill Herbert (Fusiliers)


Wooden Spoon        ~  Kaz’s Bar



 Roll of Honour 2011 - 2012  


Stan Berry Cup (A Div.)

Winners ~ Walton Tavern                                                                                                            Runners Up ~ Die Hards

John Rowe Cup (B Div.)

Winners ~ Cricketers                                                                                                                   Runners Up ~ Coconuts

Tom Mead Trophy (C Div.)

Winners ~ Kings Arms                                                                                                                 Runners Up ~ Village Inn

Fred Austin Cup

Winners ~ Seaspan                                                                                                                      Runners Up ~ Coconuts

Super Cup

            Winners ~ Walton Tavern                                                                                                             Runners Up ~ Seaspan

Charlie Harrison Memorial Trophies:

A Division Winners ~ P.Baldwin (Troubado  ~ M.Barnes (Falcons)                                        Runners Up ~ P.Tappenden (Walton Tavern)~ P.Bailey (Seaspan)

B Division Winners ~ J.Potter (Agates) ~ B.Twigg (Coconuts)                                                Runners Up ~ B.Warner (Railway) ~ T.Docherty (Cricketers)

C Division Winners ~ M.Horn (Beach Diner)  ~ D.Rhodes (Beach Diner)                              Runners Up ~ B.Gladden (Blacksmith Hammers) ~ D.Harrison ( Hammers)

Captains Cup

          Winner ~ P.Bailey (Seaspan)                                                                                                          Runner Up ~ J.Stannard (North End)

Secretary Cup

          Winner ~ J.Pickard (Elise)                                                                                                               Runners Up ~ P.Robinson (Railway)

Committee Cup

         Winner ~ M.Morris (Muppets)                                                                                                           Runners Up ~ P.Derrick (Silver Dawn)

Division A Winners ~ Walton Tavern                                                                                                       Runners Up ~ Muppets

Division B Winners ~ Coconuts                                                                                                               Runners Up ~ Cricketers

Division C Winners ~ Old Lifeboat                                                                                                          Runners Up ~ The Club

The Bobby Briggs “180” Trophy

Winner ~ J.Palmer (Die Hards) ~ B.Margerison (Walton Tavern) ~ G.Fox (Muppets) 6

A Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ As Above

B Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ G.Lincoln (Coconuts) 4

C Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ B.Gladden (Blacksmith Hammers) 2

Highest Finish – One for each Division:

Winner ~ J.Hoddleston (Troubador) 170

Division A Winner ~ J.Hoddleston (Troubador) 170

Division B Winner ~ A.Hawkins (Spanners) 160

Division C Winner ~ S.Cole (Old Lifeboat) 143

Stella Cup

Division A Winners ~ An.Currivan (Walton Tavern)

Division B Winner ~ M.Comber (Railway)

Division C Winner ~ G.Huckle (Village Inn)

Mens Doubles

Winners ~ K.Russell & Al.Currivan (Seaspan)                                                                    Runners Up ~ G.Payne & M.Nash (Muppets)

Mens Singles

Winner ~ G.Payne (Muppets)                                                                                           Runner Up ~ T.Saunders (Elise)

Divisional Open Single Cups

Division A Winner ~ Al.Currivan (Seaspan)                                                                                     Runner Up ~ A .Bacon (Blacksmith Arms)

Division B Winner ~ M.Calloway (Railway)                                                                                     Runner Up ~ M.Austin (Coconuts)

Division C Winner ~ A.Bennett (Old Lifeboat)                                                                                 Runner Up ~ B.Gladden (Blacksmith Hammers)

Senior Citizen Trophy ~ Winner ~ K.Russell (Seaspan)                                                               Runner Up ~ P.Baldwin (Troubador)

Sporting Trophies

Division A Silver Dawn

Division B Exiles

Division C Beach Diner

Arthur Fenn Trophy

Winners ~ Silver Dawn

Dennis Johnson Memorial Trophy

Winner ~ Bob Westlake (Seaspan)

Wooden Spoon ~ Buddies

                 Roll of Honour  2010-2011

Tom Mead Trophy (A Div.)      

Winners ~ Kirby Ship                       Runners Up ~ Kestrels

Stan Berry Cup (B Div.)

Winners ~ Coconuts                         Runners Up ~ Warwick Muppets

John Rowe Cup (C Div.)          

Winners ~ Blacksmith Hammers   Runners Up ~ Exiles

Fred Austin Cup                          

Winners ~ Troubador                       Runners Up ~ Kestrels

Charlie Harrison Memorial Trophies:          

A Division                  Winners         ~ E.Keary (Kirby Ship)

~ P.Derrick (Kestrels                                   

           Runners Up    ~ M.Stewart (Silver Dawn)                                                                          ~ M.Jackerman (North End)

B Division                  Winners         ~ M.Austin (Coconuts)                                                                                                                    ~ J.Twigg (Coconuts)                                              

Runners Up   ~ M.Tuck (Wizards)

~ G.Lincoln (Coconuts)

C Division                  Winners         ~ K.Arnold (Blacksmith Hammers)                       

                                                                        ~ K.Hinchcliff (Exiles)         

Runners Up   ~ K.Everitt (Exiles)

                                                                        ~ J.Everitt (Exiles)


Captains Cup                     Winner           ~ M Comber (Railway)

                                                Runner Up     ~ An.Currivan (Kirby Ship)


Secretary Cup                   Winner           ~ P.Casserley (Falcons)

                                                Runners Up   ~ Not Awarded


Committee Cup     Winner           ~ P.Derrick (Kestrels)

                                    Runners Up   ~ M.Morris (Warwick Muppets)


Division A               Winners         ~ Kirby Ship              Runners Up   ~ Kestrels

Division B               Winners         ~ Warwick Muppets Runners Up  ~ Warwick Arms

Division C               Winners         ~ Exiles                      Runners Up   ~Aldersgate

The Bobby Briggs “180” Trophy     

Winner ~ C.Topoloski (Kestrels)  9

A Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ C.Topoloski (Kestrels)  9

B Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ R.Hutchinson  (Spanners)  5

C Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ J.Dayson (Seasnaps),

                                               G.Huckle (Village Inn),          K.Hinchcliff   (Exiles)                             K.Hinchcliff   (Exiles)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Highest Finish – One for each Division:

             Winner  ~ K.Mullenger (Kestrels)  160

Division A Winner          ~ K.Mullenger (Kestrels)                                        160                                      

Division B Winner          ~ T.Lucas (Alderones)                                    157

Division C Winner          ~ D.Marshall (Thorpe Social)                         156

                                      ~ B.Gladden (Blacksmith Hammers)              156

Stella Cup

          Division A Winners         ~ S.Wheeler (Blacksmith Arms)

            Division B Winner          ~ P.Rose (Black Arrows), G.Payne (Warwick Muppets)

            Division C Winner          ~ R.Everson (Thorpe Social)

Mens Doubles           

Winners            ~ P.Fisher & B.Margerison  (Kirby Ship)

            Runners Up       ~ M.Barnes & A.Hoxa  (Falcons)

Mens Singles            

Winner              ~ A.Joshua  (Seaspan)

            Runner Up         ~ Alan Currivan (Seaspan)

Divisional Open Single Cups

            Division A         Winner               ~ M.Howes  (Troubador

                                    Runner Up         ~ A Currivan (Seaspan)

            Division B         Winner               ~ D.Snedon (Black Arrows)

                                    Runner Up         ~ G Payne (Warwick Muppets)

            Division C         Winner              ~ I.Tribble  (Ship Gt Clacton)

                                    Runner Up         ~ G Huckle (Village Inn)


Senior Citizen Trophy   ~ Winner        ~ M Dove (Falcons)

                                         Runner Up  ~ M.Simpson  (North End)

Sporting Trophies

          Division A         North End

            Division B         Wizards

            Division C         Aldersgate

Arthur Fenn Trophy  

Winners            ~ North End

Dennis Johnson Memorial Trophy

            Winner  ~ M.Armson  (North End)


Wooden Spoon        ~  The Club




                    Roll of Honour 2009-2010

Stan Berry Cup (A Div.)

Winners ~ North End                       Runners Up ~ Blacksmiths Arms

John Rowe Cup (B Div.)           

Winners ~ Wizards                          Runners Up ~ Railway

Tom Mead Trophy (C Div.)      

Winners ~ Exiles                             Runners Up ~ Warwick Arms

Fred Austin Cup                          

Winners ~ Die Hards                       Runners Up ~ Elise

Charlie Harrison Memorial Trophies:          

A Division                  Winners         ~ M.Stewart (Silver Dawn)  ~ D.W.Wilkinson (Blacksmiths)                                           

           Runners Up    ~ D Howes (Troubador  ~ P Bailey (Seaspan)

B Division                   Winners         ~ G Payne (Fusiliers)  ~ S Perry (Muppets)                                     

Runners Up   ~ M Comber (Railway) ~ D Pritchard (White Hart)

C Division                  Winners         ~ M Austin (Coconuts)  ~ A .O.Riordan (Warwick Arms)    

Runners Up   ~ B Roberts (Warwick Arms) ~ R Perry (Robert Burre)


Captains Cup                     Winner           ~ M Comber (Railway)

                                            Runner Up     ~ N Grainger (Seaspan)


Secretary Cup                   Winner           ~ M Howes (Troubador)

                                            Runners Up   ~ M Armson (North End)


Committee Cup                Winner           ~ M Stewart (Silver Dawn)

                                          Runners Up   ~ J Freeman (St Osyth Social)


Division A               Winners         ~ Troubador              Runners Up   ~ North End

Division B               Winners         ~ Railway                 Runners Up    ~ The Ship

Division C               Winners         ~ Warwick Arms       Runners Up   ~Coconuts


The Bobby Briggs “180” Trophy     

Winner ~ M Stewart (Silver Dawn) 7

A Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ M Stewart (Silver Dawn) 7

B Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ D.O.Neil (Muppets) P.Calloway (Snooker Social)

E Knowles(The Ship)  3

C Division 180 Trophy Winner ~ P Artist (Oakmead)  3

Highest Finish – One for each Division:

Division A Winner          ~ M Barnes (Falcons) G Hilson (St Osyth Social) 160                                  

Division B Winner          ~ M Norfolk (Outlaws)                                    161

Division C Winner          ~ W Nelson (Robert Burre)                            130

Stella Cup

          Division A Winners         ~ K Mulenger (Kestrels)  P Bailey (Seaspan)

            Division B Winner          ~ M Pickard (Spanners)

            Division C Winner          ~ M Austin (Coconuts)  P Kirk (Comrades Colne Rd)

                                                ~ J Kiernan & A.O.Riordan (Warwick Arms)

Mens Doubles           

Winners            ~ P Bailey & A Joshua (Seaspan)

            Runners Up       ~ G Payne & S Preston (Fusiliers)

Mens Singles            

Winner              ~ Alan Currivan (Seaspan)

            Runner Up         ~ Andrew Currivan (The Ship)

Divisional Open Single Cups

            Division A         Winner               ~ K Mullenger (Kestrels)

                                    Runner Up         ~ A Currivan (Seaspan)

            Division B         Winner               ~ G Payne (Fusiliers)

                                    Runner Up         ~ D.O.Niel (Muppets)

            Division C         Winner              ~ M Austin (Coconuts)

                                    Runner Up         ~ G Huckle (Village Inn)


Senior Citizen Trophy   ~ Winner        ~ S Perry (Muppets)

                                         Runner Up  ~ M Dove (Falcons)

Sporting Trophies

          Division A         Seaspan

            Division B         Spanners

            Division C         Aldersgate

Arthur Fenn Trophy  

Winners            ~ Seaspan

Dennis Johnson Memorial Trophy

            Winner  ~ J Holsom (Troubador)

Special Trophy Presentation      ~ M Stewart (Silver Dawn) 4 180s in a game.

Wooden Spoon        ~  Oakmead



              ROLL OF HONOUR 2008-2009

A League Winners-TROUBADOR                          A LEAGUE-Runners Up-SEASPAN

B League Winners-St Osyth Social                           B League Runners Up-Black Arrows

C League Winners-Holland Ship                               C League Runners Up-Warwick Wizards

John Rowe Cup Winners- Seaspan                         John Rowe Cup Runners-Up- Comrades North End

Tom Mead Trophy Winners-Bootleggers                Tom Mead Trophy Runners-Up-The Arms

Stan Berry Cup Winners- Holland Ship                   Stan Berry Cup Runners Up-Warwick Arms

Fred Austin Cup Winners-Kestrels                          Fred Austin Cup Runners Up-Elise

Super Cup Winners- Falcons                                  Super Cup Runners-Up-Seaspan

Charlie Harrison Doubles Trophy(Scratch Pairs)                                                     Divisonal Open Singles

A Division Winners- D Smith(Die Hards)-A Currivan(Seaspan)pictured.                A Division Winner-M Howes(Troubador)pictured

A Division Runner-Up-L Ballard(Blacksmiths)-N Grainger(Seaspan)                     A Division Runner-Up-B Denny(C.N.E)

Charlie Harrison Doubles Trophy(Scratch Pairs)                                                   

B Division Winners- J Carey(The Arms-P Archer(C.S.S.C)                                 B Division Runners Up-B Hunt-B Mitchell(Black Arrows)

Charlie Harrison Doubles Trophy(Scratch Pairs)       

C Division Winners-A Pile(Warwick Wizards)-B Austin(White Hart)                C Division Runners-Up-L Dunne(Warwick Arms)-E Thompson(White Hart)

Captains Cup                                                                                                  Secretaries Cup

Winner-N Grainger(Seaspan)                                                                         Winner-M Armson(C.N.E)

Runner-Up-M Comber(Railway)                                                                    Runner-Up-P Bailey(Seaspan)

Commitee Cup

Winner-J Freeman(St Osyth Social)                                                              Runner-Up-P Derrick(Kestrels)


Divisional Open Singles

B Division Winner- R Hutchinson(Spanners)                                                   Runner-Up-M Norton(Black Arrows)


Divisional Open Singles                                                                                   Highest Finishes Each League and Overall

C Division Winner-P Ledgerton(Warwick Wizards)                                         A Division-E Holmes(C.N.E) 160

C Division Runne-Up-M Austin(White Hart)                                                    B Division-L Brown(White Hart) 134

                                                                                                                       C Division-A Currivan(Holland Ship) 153

Bobby Briggs 180 Trophy & A Division Winner                                            B Division 180 Winner                                                            C Division 180 Winner

A Burmby(Troubador)                                                                                  M Morris(Crab&Pumpkin)                                                     R Emery(Holland Ship)

Senior Citizens Cup

Winner-P Derrick(Kestrels)                                                                                 Runner-Up-K Russell(C.N.E)


Stella Cup Most Wins                                                                                       Special Trophy from League Presented to

A Division Winners-K Russell(C.N.E)pictured -J Palmer(Die Hards)                 Shiela Busby


B Division Winners-M Bonner(Black Arrows)-S Perry(Crab&Pumpkin)        

C Division Winner-S Saunders(Exiles)

John Jacobs Doubles Cup

Winners-J Freeman & P Smith jnr(St Osyth Social)                                          Runners-Up-K Russell(pictured)-B Denny(Comrades North End)


League Singles Cup

Winner-A Burmby(Troubador)                                                                         Runner-Up-B Austin(White Hart St Osyth)     


Sporting Trophies

Division A & Arthur Fenn Trophy Winners-Seaspan                                Division B Winners-Spanners                                                  Division C Winners-White Hart St Osyth


Dennis Johnston Trophy-P Derrick(Kestrels) & League Secretary and also on his spare time does a decent Niel Diamond impression.


Wooden Spoon


                                                      Roll of Honour Season 2007-2008

Tom Mead Cup (A Div.)    Winners ~ Kestrels     Runners Up ~ Elise

Stan Berry Cup (B Div.)     Winners ~ Red Lion   Runners Up ~ Shunters


John Rowe Cup (C Div.)    Winners ~ Eldorado   Runners Up ~ St Osyth Social


Fred Austin Cup  Winners ~ Elise          Runners Up ~ Shunters


Charlie Harrison Memorial Trophies:   

A Division       Winners            ~ Martin Wells (Railway)  ~ K Russel(C.N.E.)                                  

                       Runners Up      ~ T Saunders (Elise) ~ G Scurrell (C.N.E.)

B Division       Winners            ~ G Dixon (Crab & Pumpkin)  ~ B Carter (Kings Arms) 

                       Runners Up      ~ P Jones (Shunters)  ~ P Kirk (Coms. Clone Rd)

C Division       Winners            ~ D Edwards (Eldorado) ~ M Stewart (Warwick Arms) 

                       Runners Up      ~ M Duffy (Oakmead) ~ T Williams (White Hart Weeley)


Captains Cup  Winner  ~ E Jordon (White Hart Weeley)   Runner Up ~ M Comber (Railway)


Secretary Cup Winner ~ M Howes (Troubadour)   Runners Up ~ M Armson (C.N.E.)


Committee Cup Winner ~ M Wells (Raiway)   Runners Up    ~ T Sweeney (Silver Dawn)


Division A    Winners  ~ Troubador              Runners Up   ~ Kestrels

Division B    Winners  ~ Die Hards               Runners Up   ~ Shunters

Division C    Winners  ~ St Osyth Social       Runners Up   ~ Eldorado


The Bobby Briggs “180” Trophy   Winner ~ K Mullinger (Kestrels)


Highest Finish – One for each Division:

Division A Winner    ~ T Viner (Silver Dawn)                               (160)

Division B Winner    ~ S King (Die Hards)                                   (158)

Division C Winner    ~ D Bruce (White Hart Weeley)                   (156)


Stella Cup

Division A Winner    ~ T Viner (Silver Dawn)

Division B Winner    ~ S Perry (Crab & Pumpkin)

Division C Winner    ~ J Freeman (St Osyth Social)


Mens Doubles    

Winners  ~ M Howes & J Noone (Troubador)    Runners Up ~ N Ball & M Dean (Elise)


Mens Singles       

Winner   ~ J Noone (Troubador)    Runner Up ~ M Armson (C.N.E.)


Divisional Open Single Cup

Division A     Winner  ~ A Currivan (Seaspan)   Runner Up ~ J Noone (Troubador)

Division B     Winner  ~ P Hawkins (Red Lion)   Runner Up ~ D Sneddow (Black Arrows)

Division C     Winner  ~ J Everitt (Exiles)   Runner Up     ~ T Williams (White Hart Weeley)


Sporting Trophies

Division A  ~ Seaspan

Division B  ~ Spanners

Division C  ~ Exiles


Arthur Fenn Trophy  Winners  ~ Seaspan


Dennis Johnson Memorial Trophy  Winner ~ R Harmon (Silver Dawn)